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Special encrypted cell phone SP7

The phone SP7 is protected against all the decryption systems.For your comfort and total safety at least two phones SP7 are needed (for you and your interlocutor).

The phone is entered in Register of radio and / or electronic communication devices of the State Agency for National Security and has a Certificate of registration No 12 in accordance with Art. 274, para. 1 of the Electronic Communications Act (ECA)

Specifications of the special phone SP7:

  • Symmetric encryption algorithm;
  • 256 bits key length;
  • The public key is newly generated every communication session calculating elliptic curves parameters 256 bits long according Diffie-Hellman Public Key scheme;
  • Communication session key is a combination of public key and secret key created by user (by means of “key generation center” application) and installed into the phone
  • Speech compression algorithm: 4800 bit/s ACELP
  • Working GSM ranges: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
  • Weight : 140g
  • Overall dimensions: 110х40х20mm

The special encrypted cell phone SP7 provides guaranteed protection against wiretapping of your phone calls in the mobile phone networks with GSM standard. Besides, it is not important where you are - at home, in the country or abroad. The ordinary phones can be easily intercepted and quickly decrypted, which means that your conversations can come to knowledge of:

  • Business competitors (technical espionage), special services;
  • Criminals;
  • Private detectives hired by the husband/wife.

To be your phone protected:

  • it must contain special crypto processors inside which not only encrypt calls but also protect your environment from audio monitoring (wiretapping and recording of conversation on the premises);
  • it must not operate under any popular operating systems like iOS, ANDROID, WINDOWS, SYMBIAN etc. for which great number of viral programs are developed;
  • A crypto-scheme with the length of the session key of at least 128 bits for «SECRET» and 256 bits for «TOP SECRET» should be used;
  • Encryption keys should be produced either by the phone owner or by its authorized representative.


Among all the special phones available on the market of the encryption appliances, SP7 and TB-7 have all the required features.
The special phone SP7 has:

  • its own exclusive development (scheme, operating system, cryptographic provision and software, phone design);
  • unique cryptographic software;
  • exclusive scheme does not allow to make "radio bug" of the phone;
  • Bulgarian production. No any foreign "bugs" or "beetles" inside;
  • 100% virus protection;
  • communication session key 256 bits long guarantees wiretapping protection;
  • Key Generation Center. Possibility for crypto-keys generation.
The SP7 phone is protected against all decryption systems. The session key is calculated by adding the public key and secret key generated by the users themselves by means of „Key Generation Center” included in the set.


Guaranteed protection of the phone conversations can only be achieved when using connection scheme "point-to-point" - encryption of information in one of the phones and decryption in the other one (and vice versa). GSM network characteristics do not allow implementing encryption scheme "point-to-point" in the voice channel. This is the reason why in the mode of encrypted (closed) calls the phone SP7 uses data transmission channel CSD 9600 bit / s. The low speed of the data transmission of this channel requires speech compression algorithm (Voice Coder) to be used in SP7 with conversion rate of 4800 bit/s.

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Secure GSM was founded in 2015 with main activity in development, production, introduction, installation, tuning, testing, servicing and destruction of encryption (cryptographic) media, including sertified ones, designed for cryptographic protection of the information in its processing, storage and transmission through comunication channels.

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